palm1 [päm]
[ME palme < OE palm < L palma: so named because its leaf somewhat resembles the palm of the hand]
1. any of an order (Arecales) of tropical or subtropical monocotyledonous trees and shrubs, having a woody, usually unbranched, trunk and large, evergreen, featherlike or fan-shaped leaves growing in a bunch at the top
2. a leaf of such a tree carried or worn as a symbol of victory, triumph, joy, etc.
3. victory; triumph
4. a representation of a palm leaf or frond given in lieu of a second award of the same military decoration
designating the only family (Arecaceae) of palms, including the coconut palm, betel palm, and date palm
bear the palm or carry off the palm
to be the winner; take the prize
yield the palm to
to acknowledge the superiority of; admit to defeat by
palmaceous [pal mā′shəs, pämā′shəs]
palm2 [päm]
[altered (infl. by L) < ME paume < OFr < L palma, palm of the hand < IE base * pele-, broad, flat, spread out > FLOOR, FIELD]
1. the inner part or surface of the hand between the fingers and wrist
2. the part of a glove, mitten, etc. that covers the palm
3. the broad, flat part of an antler, as of a moose
4. a unit of linear measure based either on the width of the hand (3 to 4 inches) or on its length (7 to 9 inches)
5. any broad, flat part at the end of an arm, handle, etc.,
6. a piece of leather, often with a metal disc attached, that fits over the palm of the hand, worn for protection in sewing heavy canvas or leather
1. to hide (something) in the palm or between the fingers, as in a sleight-of-hand trick
2. to interrupt the dribbling of (a basketball) for an instant by grasping with the palm and fingers: such interrupting is illegal
have an itching palm
Informal to desire money greedily
palm off
Informal to pass off by trickery or deceit

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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